Your veterinary practice in Basel, Binningen, Allschwil and region.

Wheelchair accessible and parking spaces in front of the practice.

Dr. med. vet. Markus Moser | Dr. med. vet. Madeleine Rauch | med. vet. Tiffany Gasser

Opening hours

Monday 07:30–12:00 14:00–18:00
Tuesday 07:30–12:00 14:00–18:00
Wednesday 07:30–12:00 14:00–18:00
Thursday 07:30–12:00 14:00–18:00
Friday 07:30–12:00 14:00–19:00
Saturday 08:00–11:00
Sunday closed

In case of emergency

During opening hours please give us a call so we can prepare.

Outside of our opening hours, the telephone answering system will help you reach the emergency veterinary.

Home visits

By arrangement. We prefer the examination of sick animals in the practice to offer the full range of diagnostic and treatment options.


Neuweilerstrasse 112
4054 Basel

Tel: 061 481 60 50
FAX: 061 481 64 22

Entrance and parking spaces at Steinbühlallee

Tram 8 (Neuweilerstrasse/final station)
Bus 38 (Neuweilerstrasse) 50m away
Bus 33 (Migros Paradies) 300m away
Bus 61 (Neuweilerstrasse) 50m away

We are the veterinary practice responsible of the animal shelter of both Basel (TbB) and visit the shelter in Münchenstein every week for clinical examinations and vaccinations.


Dr. med. vet. Markus Moser


State examination in Bern


Small animal hospital UNI Bern, training in internal medicine and surgery. Doctoral thesis on the indirect measurement of blood pressure by the anesthetized dog

Since 1988

in our small animal practice

Married, two lovely children

Dr. med. vet. Madeleine Rauch


State examination in Bern


Small animal hospital UNI Bern, training with main focus on internal medicine. Doctoral thesis on hip dysplasia in Labrador Retrievers.


Doctoral thesis on hip dysplasia in Labrador Retrievers.


involvements in various small animal practices

Since 2010

Part time in our small animal practice

Lives with her life partner on a farm in France with many animals and operates a horse pension.

med. vet. Tiffany Gasser


state exam in Bern


working in different small animal practices in the region of Basel

Since 2013

part time in our small animal practice

married, one child

Stephanie Marti

Veterinarian's assistant EFZ with radiography permission

2009 - 2012

internship with following apprenticeship

Since 2012

responsible for the team, trains the apprentices together with the veterinarians with a lot of personal commitment.

„Animals were always the first choice for me. I spend a lot of time with my German Shepard Khira and at home, my cuddly cats, Balou and Bebbi are waiting for me. In addition, I am a loyal FCB fan and visit every home game.“

Christine Rohrer

Veterinarian's assistant, graduate nurse ACP, works part time, married, one child

works part time, married, one child

„Already as a girl I've always cared for sick animals and since 2004 I am working in my dream job in a veterinary practice. Since over 30 years I am keeping cats, at the moment the almost blind Tapsy and the cuddly Fynn.“

Karin Brianti

Veterinary assistant, medical assistant practice MPA

works part time, married, two children

„In March 2008 my childhood dream came true and I started to work with animals. Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, fish and more have accompanied me throughout my life, currently I am kept busy by two young kitties from the animal shelter Basel.“

Melina Müller

Veterinary assistant EFZ in the 2nd apprenticeship year.

"After finishing a degree as a groom, now I can study my desired profession. In my free time I am spending a lot of time with the horse Monty and when I go for a ride, Cooper, my dog, comes along as well. "

Daniela Moser

Pediatric Nurse KWS, Office and accounting

works part time, married, two kids

"In addition to the bookkeeping and office work, I am available to cuddle and care for our hospitalized patients.“



We offer detailed advice on essential questions of keeping, education and nutrition of your pet.

Keeping: For us it is very important that the demands of your pets are fulfilled, as this is an essential part of the animal health.

Education: We give tips on questions concerning education and we can consult specialists in case of problems

Nutrition: We recommend you the right choice of food and, if necessary, have special diet food.


We prepare individual vaccination plans for dogs and cats and make geriatric checks. We carry out treatment for dental, eye and skin problems.

Vaccination: Protection against avoidable diseases like feline leukemia virus and parvovirus for cats or leptospirosis and kennel cough for dogs

Geriatric-checking: Medical check-ups with blood and urine examinations for a timely recognition of kidney and thyroid sicknesses

dental treatment: dental hygiene with ultrasounds, dental restoration, tooth extraction (for example FORL treatment for cats)

eye-checking: tonometry for the glaukom eye pressure test

skin clarification: allergy tests, biopsies for dermatological problems


We perform surgical procedures and have comprehensive equipment like X-ray and ECG to make a diagnosis. Sick animals can be hospitalized.

surgical medicine: castration, soft part surgery, bone surgery (including osteosynthesis and joint surgery)

internal medicine: diagnostics and therapy

electrocardiogram (ECG)

X-ray: u.a. HD-, ED- clarifications

hospitalization: inpatient treatment and care of sick animals

laboratory tests: hematology, blood chemical tests, Urinary and fecal examination, Specific studies with external laboratory

Cooperation with recognizes specialists

Pet Shop

We sell animal food as well as appropriate diet food and during our opening hours drugs are available.
Our competent veterinary nurse will happily advise you!

Food: high-quality food for dogs and cats

Diet food: Completed diets, which can only be purchased at the vet.

Drugs: vermifuge, shampoos, vitamins, diarrheal products and a lot more


Unfortunately, information and appointments via email are not possible due to organizational reasons.